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_Digital Oppertunity_
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Date:2008-05-12 16:21

So for about 2 years I've been trying to keep up with this journal. Even Hobo (Whiteboy) has tried helping me manage a photo journal in the past. For various matters, and the fact that I am the worst procrastinator, it never fully fleshed out (still Hobo, thanks for all the help you've offered in the past :w <3). If I have experienced any form of repetition though, it is when heavily stressed you need to find some sort of outlet. So I come back to this with another attempt.

Screenshots from a variation of games will now follow in this journal "Digital Oppertunity": Old City of Hero screens, FFXI, Team Fortress 2 and whatever may follow.

If you would only like to view certain journals, please contact me and I will sub-divide friends into various categories of each game. Otherwise this will be a roaming journal.

Also, Ureii and I have moved to Caitsith in FFXI. A shitton of drama ensued. If you would like elaboration, contact me via this journal, email or AIM. Otherwise, my only regret is not saying goodbye to anyone. For that I apologize.


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Date:2007-07-11 17:30
Subject:Catch up

Life catches up in all sorts of rushes.

This journal will now host screens from City of Heroes/Villains. Corresponding icons will display who, what and referring to why.

Push circuit is small. No worries.

To those wandering, feel free to comment, and with thanks for viewing.

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Date:2007-05-15 00:44

What a wink in kawinkydink.

Drg now 75, with one full mp merit and counting. Getting a lot done, but also had to take a hell of a break due to school for the year.

Classes end June 5th. After 5/16/07 this journal will be better updated (with the rest of life). Feel free to add me if wanted, to anyone watching (including viewers from the forums).

To think we come this far, reach these ways, and look back only wondering.

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Date:2006-12-11 22:44
Subject:Persiko Heartbreath

Its been a while since I posted here, and with regrets. I thinks screenshots became so hefty that I neglected keeping matt. for a while. None the less, as I have gone much farther in the game, I will return back.

This journal has been edited and cleared of older entries beyond screenshot posts. More is to come along. This journal will also remain public for the time being.

As of offical note, today, Dec 11 2006, I cleared the Maat fight for Dragoon at 4:14 min.
Strut your stuff purple-people eater, a new drg is in town.

As to sort out real life first, I shall be back here soon <3

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Date:2006-02-12 23:26

Round 2Collapse )

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Date:2006-02-12 23:16
Subject:Set 1
Mood: tired

I actually meant to make a real life post, but honestly, same old same old. So decided to post up over-due screenshots from FFXI.

A LOT of these screens from this and the next journal are pretty old; I originally had 300 caps, and deleted most of them as they were outdated. I figure, get these ones up, save them, and then move on with newer screens.

56k watch outCollapse )

More coming up

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